Wholesale Voice Termination

FoxMore Services L.P offers and delivers high quality wholesale voice traffic termination services to the world. Our satisfied customers are proof that our rates are stable and of top quality.

We offer 3 different levels of service that satisfy different customer needs:

If you are all about high quality, wether it be voice quality or you want a higher MOS figure, you might be interested in our Premium package.This option is best for cost-optimization oriented carriers, call-shops and calling card companies that don't require 100% CLI guarantee. Through this premium service we concentrate on providing our customers the best quality/price ratio and the highest possible statistics.

Please, download the example of our Premium quality price list here: PremiumRouting.xls

This is the go-to service of carriers with A-Z wholesale traffic where rate plays the main role in the whole business. The majority of the routes are run by GSM gateways and in-country directs that are sure to meet your quality expectations. Through this Wholesale service option, you will also be getting positively aggressive pricing.

Please, download the example of our Stadard quality price list here: StandardRouting.xls

Our Certified service package guarantees full CLI, FAX, DTMF. This package is a popular choice for mobile operators, incumbents and international calling card companies.